1974-19 Dr.H.K.Majumdar
1977 Lt.Col A.M.Acharya
1977-78 Mr.R.N.Bose & Mr.S.C.Chowdhury
1979 Mr.N.C.Sinha
1980-81 Mr.M.S.Narayan
1982-83 Mr.J.N.Ghosh
1984-85 Mr.A.C.Chandra
1986-99 Mr.S.K.Roy
2000 Mr.S.K.Chatterjee
2001 Mr.A.R.Dasgupta
2002-10 Mr.S.K.Roy


Bengalee Cultural Association was formed in 1974 primarily to celebrate Shri Shri Durga Puja at a convenient location to facilitate easy participation by large number of Bengalees settled around the Masab Tank area of the City. These Bengalees came to Hyderabad in the sixties and seventies on official transfer and their offices were also located at and around Masab Tank.

From this humble beginning the Bengalee Cultural Association has now blossomed into a renowned organization in the twin cities. The club is primarily engaged in Socio-Cultural activities such as: -

1)  To promote fraternity, fellow feeling, friendship and cooperation amongst Bengalees and others.

2)  To foster Bengali culture, literary, sports and artistic activities including organizing Durga Puja,the biggest Socio-Religious festival of the Bengalees.

3)  To promote cultural ties with similar organizations of other language groups, particularly of Telegu culture, and provide humanitarian services to the needy people within its limitations.

The Association has completed thirty-Nine years since its inception and is functioning from its own premises since 1984.Their own accommodation boasts of a furnished meeting hall, a well-stocked Library of primarily Bengali books, office and a guest room. The membership of the Association is open to all Indian citizens having love for Bengali literature and culture. Distinguished citizens of the society have headed the association, which included Ex-Economic adviser to UN and ex chairman of Board of Direct taxes a Tamilian amongst others. The present incumbent is a retired Director of Geological Survey of India and a Bengali writer and published interesting and scientific books.

Apart from celebrating Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Saraswati Puja, the Association also observes and celebrates birthdays of Tagor, Netaji Subhas chandra Bose, Nazrul Islam, Bengali new year, Vijaya Utsav, Barsa Mangal, Basant pachami etc. The sports activity includes an annual athletic meet and indoor games of card, carom and chess. The annual outdoor picnic of the Association is a great attraction for members, their wards and friends.

As a part of literary activity, an innovative lecture programme has been introduced. The speakers are mainly members and their wards and covered many interesting topics like the origin of the Universe, UFO, Bastushastra, Computers, metals, cotton fibers etc. A wall magazine called Dewal lipi is started to encourage members and their wards to write which is displayed for a month.

Bengalee Cultural Association can never claim the leadership by its man and money power, but it has endeared itself to the citizens of twin cities by its sincerity, humility and hospitality in all its activities.

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